Portuguese wine

Portuguese wine are known worldwide for its quality and diversity.

In 2015 , eight wine-growing regions have been awarded the large gold of the competition of wines from Portugal , with a total of 303 medals were distributed by all the country.


Herdade Esporão Verdelho 2014 was considered the best wine and the best varietal this year 2015. However, the Superior Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo 2002 on quality liqueur of the year in the category of best and Ataíde Semedo Millésime 2013 Gross wins award as best sparkling Portugal .


Vintage Port is the only wine that is matured in the bottle and is considered by many the crown jewel of Port wines . This is a wine produced from grapes harvested and selected only one year and bottled two to three years after harvesting , and gradually evolves for 10 to 50 years in bottle.

The Casal Garcia is a green wine that excels in quality / price ratio in Portugal . It was evaluated with a score of 10 by Time Out magazine and suggested by Odete Cascais as one of the best green wines with a cost not exceeding € 10 . In addition to its score , Casal Garcia is one of the brands with more history at Aveleda and continues to be one of the ambassadors of Portuguese wines in the world.

The Alentejo and Douro wines were distinguished as the 2015 year ‘s best in competition Wine Portugal , having collected five Grand Gold medals.

The Dão wine stood out in third place , winning and medals.
The Madeira wine or Madeira wine as you often call, is also well known worldwide for being a fortified wine with high alcohol content, produced on the slopes and cellars of the demarcated region of Madeira. For values ​​, all Madeira wines have an alcohol content ranging from 17% to 22% by volume, a sugar content between 0 and about 150 grams per liter.
The quality and unique character of its wines, make Portugal a reference among the major producing countries! A lot of native grape varieties capable of producing a wide range of wines with very different personalities.
The guide The Oxford Companion to Wine describes the country as a “treasure trove of local varieties”
The main Portuguese wine regions are located in the Minho , Douro , Dao, Bairrada , Chaves , Alentejo, Madeira , Bucelas , Colares , Carcavelos , Setúbal and Algarve.
Wines produced in these Portuguese regions , are the result of a succession of traditions introduced in Portugal by the various civilizations that then ensued .