Weather in Portugal

Portugal weather

Portugal has Mediterranean temperate climate.

A Mediterranean temperate climate features hot summers and relatively mild winters, with hardly any summer rain. Portugal weather

Even in winter, the amount of rain is relatively low.

Peniche and Baleal are in the region of Portugal that features the lowest temperature amplitude thanks to the moderating effect of the sea, and temperatures are, therefore, almost always pleasant all year round.

Weather in lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is also known as the city of lights.

The weather is always warm a sunny.

So it is today with its weather.

A city like lisbon of sublime climatic conditions, its temperatures are moderated by the Atlantic Ocean, never too cold and never too hot.

Weather in lisbon Portugal

Always just right, with a nice ocean breeze.

The climate along the 700km coast line is predominantly influenced by the currents and winds of the Atlantic Ocean, especially so in the northwest of the country where a mild, rainy climate is observed.

As a rule, as you head south you will find temperatures and hours of sunshine tend to increase while precipitation declines.

Weather in lisbon Portugal

As in any coastal destination, the summer highs are tempered by the cooling sea breeze and the winters warmed by the ocean waters.