Portuguese food

The Portuguese food reveals wisdom of many years, recipes and traditional customs with some imagination to the mix.

The Portuguese food traditions is a phenomenal cuisine and much appreciated by tourists who pass through here.
There are some signature dishes of some regions, such as the Francesinha! This is a dish typically originating from the city of Oporto, which in turn consists of sausage, fresh sausage, ham, cold meats and steak beef, or who prefer an alternative, you can bet on roast pork loin and sliced . Those who visit Porto can not miss the Santigo, this house is considered by the northern people the best place to enjoy this magnificent dish!
Bacalhau is another very typical dish of Portuguese cuisine, from the fourteenth century that cod acquires a unique status in the Portuguese cuisine, besides being an exclusive to your prescription, it is equally a symbol of national identity.
Many are made with bacalhau dishes, just let your imagination fly. From the simple baked bacalhau served with baked potato and vegetables, the appetizing bacalhau recipe Zé do Pipo, like the wonderful bacalhau à Brás.


Portuguese restaurants to eat a good cod?

If the Portuguese food is lovely in the dishes imagine the desserts, not to miss!

Something very special you have to taste is the famous pastel de natas or pastel de Belém. Despite being produced in several North cafes to south, the true recipe with sweet secret, comes from the factory dos pastéis de Belém.
The pasteis de Belém was elected one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. You can not fail to prove it!
True that the Belém pastries are very characteristic of this welcoming country, but truth be told, there are so many desserts that leave us melted just hearing his name…


Look a this wonderful Portuguese food:
Romeo and Juliet (junction of marmalade with cheese),
Arroz doce, Dom Rodrigos (characteristic of Algarve sweets),
Tortas de azeitão,
Leite creme,
Queijadas de Oeiras,
Toucinho do céu.