Algarve is one of the famous attractions in Portugal mostly because Algarve’s fantastic beaches.

A favorite spot for tourism is Vilamoura! Besides being a luxury complex belonging to the parish of Quarteira, Vilamoura marina is frequently visited by international stars and famous people from all over the world. The many golf courses in the region, the casino and a wide range of initiatives taking place in Vilamoura are, for sure, important reasons for those who vist Algarve. International events such as the Cross International Almond Blossom, the PokerStars Solverde Poker Season and International Show Jumping Competition place Vilamoura in Algarve on the top of Portugal most visited regions.

In addition to Vilamoura, the Algarve has many places to visit and thins to do in Algarve besides just enjoying exceptional time in the sun.
Speaking in sun why not start by Albufeira. It is, for excellence, Portugal region always on the top for the quality of its beaches, awarded with gold quality, with 21 blue flags which guaranties exceptional quality both on sand but mostly on water, which temperature stands always warm rounding 20 degrees.

If you’re visiting Albufeira, you cannot miss a visit to the Archeological Museum placed in the building where the city hall worked until the end of the 80s.

The major city of Algarve is Faro. Faro is an important city for commerce and business mostly because of Faro’s International Airport, point of entrance of tourists most of them coming from UK and North of Europe.
Faro’s Airport as several and efficient rail road connections to all Algarve regions, so it’s easy to get where you want fast and cheap.

The best way to discover the Algarve is to take a walk through the streets, alleys and steps of the Algarve, discover the best beaches in Europe and surrender to the also excellent gastronomy presented by this region. Fresh fish and seafood are always a good choise.
Regarding temperatures, for tourists who love the heat, Algarve is undoubtedly one of the best regions to visit in Portugal. It is a mandatory stop for vacations in the summer!
For anyone who is not a fan of beaches and heat, visit the Algarve in other seasons it is also a good bet, since it rarely rains in this region and has mild climate throughout the year, and the maximum and minimum temperatures are around 15 ° C and 31 ° C average.
However, if you think Algarve suggestions for visitors are over, you’re wrong! There are other much more appealing places and things to do in Algarve. Spend a day off at Lagos, which translates into a charming town that has retained its traditional roots and simultaneously cosmopolitan.
The real attraction in Lagos beside the long sandy dunes extensions, the favorite of many tourists who pass through Lagos is the Meia Praia.
However, if you demand for smaller and reserved beaches you can visit the Praia da Boneca and Praia Dona Ana. This will remains in your memories forever. Lagos is also provided by excellent restaurants where you can appreciate traditional Portuguese food.
But don’t stop! Visit Algarve is also to enjoy the Carvoeiro, a Portuguese village near the beautiful Lagoa! You cannot miss visiting. Also visit Tavira, which presents itself as a place that has survived to the tourism industry without compromise history and traditions. The Praia do Barril and also its islands is one of the suggestions to visit in Tavira. Tavira won the Traveller’s Choice in 2015!