For those making tourism in Portugal, passing through the Oporto is almost a mandatory stop, with a guarantee of an unforgettable journey.

Oporto is a place also known as Invicta city, which lies in the northwest and which bills itself as North and Heritage capital UNESCO World.

It is quite affordable travel to the city Invicta, which in turn relies on the airport Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO) to 11 Km from the city center, with direct access via the metro.

Oporto is a very old district with plenty of historical background and its Mediterranean landscapes are characterized as a major sights.

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Why travel to Oporto ?

It is very simple. Oporto is the second most important city of the country, beyond its historic center is the region Portuguese who values ​​the quality of its wines.

There are some sights that are memories, stories, tradition and culture of the city of Oporto , for example, the setting of the sun amazing that can be seen in D.Luís bridge, the tower of the clergy, Zone Riverside, the Stock Exchange Palace, the Cathedral of Porto, Lello Bookshop, the Serralves Museum, the House of Music, the Chapel of the souls that features numerous artistic values, the Guindais Funicular, the Palace of Crystal and many other local drives to breathe past this city wonderful that is Oporto .
With regard to temperatures in this city, in addition to landscapes Mediterranean, as already mentioned, the weather is equally Mediterranean. Thus, we can say that temperatures in Oporto in the cooler seasons of the year are around 5 ° C and 14ºC, never reaching below 0 ° C.
By contrast, in the summer days Invicta city temperatures range between 15ºC and 25ºC, and months of July and August and in the heathpress, the temperatures can amount to 35 ° C.
However, the hot temperature rarely exceed 30 ° C, since Porto is a city very near the ocean and as such gathering chains called air headed by northern people as “Nortadas.”

Oporto is one of the cities that stood on the podium of tourist destinations in Portugal, because it is place that invites a new return!